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Still kickin'!

Whew- what a roller coaster. My legs are still a little trembly and eyes are trying to focus. If I didn't strongly disbelieve in the flu shot I'd tell you all to go out and get one ;-) But the world has turned right side up (I'm allowed out of bed and on the computer- Yea!) Got a few shots to share with you from before the whole retching business. I'm going to put up an album with all the interesting houses that I stumble upon. Here are the first two:
High Living:

did I hear someone shout Tara?
And more HIGH living......

That's what I call moving.....

So while I was delirious in bed (and honey I don't mean the GOOD kind) I had a lot of weird ....daydreams. (which is great in a way since NaNoWriMo is next month--see silver lining ;->) Amongst terrors of fancy, and allot of Hitchcockian delusions this is the first view and sound (baying for my bones) out of bed. Sorry for the blur- remember I hadn't been on my feet very long.

Its the large walnut tree in the backyard- I lost count after 50 crows. A murder of crows.
To shake me out of my paranoia- "My birthday's coming...they must be a sign....garble...barble...foam", Robert took me downtown to clear the head. Ah sarcasm and car fumes. Does the trick every time!
The following are a few shots of Yamhill, looking for a spot to sit down and catch my breath and park my butt- I loved the irony of the no parking sign next to the benches. I sat on the "Edgar Allan Poe" bench- as it fit my mood.

Okay the one from above was for the dogs...they didn't get out much this week.
I really love this city...always have. It's why we kept planning our vacations here- or if we went someplace else we had to come through here for a "quick" stop. Let me just share a few of the other shot I took:

Okay this one is just a few feet back - but I loved this tree line- the benches are park of the central library- 3 stories of bliss!

The juxtaposition of old and the it.  Ah yes, the old.... think I'll just skip that ;-) Rob is taking me downtown again today- I'm going to go play like a child. ;-)
Oh yes... I almost forgot, a few firsts: arcade and movie theater (doesn't sound exciting- try NICKEL arcade- yep have permanent nerve damage in my pistol finger again- oh and it's only a few blocks from our house ;-) the movie admission is $2.50- see I knew that change jar would come in handy) and although we didn't go in because of time constraints a restaurant/bar/movie theater where you order your food and eat it while watching the film (minors not allowed after 4:30pm- civilized!)


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