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Something Chilly This Way Comes

While sitting at the Hob Nob Grille this morning drinking my $2 dollar mimosa (mmmm good) and eavesdropping on those around me, I remembered that I hadn't posted my photos from my birthday. So here they are:
I had a blast downtown, at the Chinese garden - I took over 200 photos- but thought I would share the highlights including the surprise of a gluten free beer - fresh on tap. Thanks Deshutes ! Note no photos after the beer- just happy I got on the right bus to come home ;-0
It just goes to show that the simple things are the best- a leaf caught up in a whirlpool, the foam on a good beer and public transportation.
Also I made a plan for November (you know NaNoWriMo is here again!). I'm going to hang out at the Hob Nob, drink Journalists (awesome martinis) with my laptop and water pistol and play Hemingway. Sound like fun? WARNING: this might be the mimosas speaking.
I can't think of a better spot than the local bar/restaurant to find story ideas.
Tonight the temperature is dropping, the leaves are rustling and fall is stretching it's cool fingers our way. Here comes my favorite time of year!


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