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Kevin, Mark, James, George and Nallah...Oh My!

We have company! I'm so excited! Chez Robert made Country Style French Stew, Sweet Potato Hashbrowns, Sage Sausage and made from scratch Pumpkin Pudding....yum! It was great to see all you guys again, glad you stopped by on your way back from the concert.

Visitors 10-17-09
Hope y'all had a good time and will come and visit again.
About 11am, the house went dark, and there was a large rumble outside. We went outside to a wall of rain. The neighbors beautiful multi colored maple shed it's leaves in seconds flat. It was an exhilarating few moments.  I love downpours, really miss our old metal roof.
Well Mena is landing in Beijing as we speak. Hope that she will take lots of photos and has fun.
I'm really tired today, I am so out of practice on being a hostess. Or at least that sounds like a good excuse for a nap!


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