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Boxes, boxes everywhere!

Okay...we're here...why do I feel like I forgot something? Might it be because all the boxes that I remember packing have vanished into the Uhaul Vortex, never to be seen again.(cue twilight zone music) And please someone tell me why I packed all these tupperwear containers!! AgHhhh!
Here's a shot of our new abode:

And our view off the porch:

The confused (notice multiple colors of blooms) lovely smelling rose bush off of the porch:

Now just got to finish unpacking- hope our new furniture (we only brought a table, our bed and a rocking chair- I got a little over zealous with getting rid of the old pieces!) arrives soon. The dog beds are doing double duty!

The kids are a little confused and off scoop schedule- also having a little trouble with the property boundries- bless our patient neighbors ;-). Hopefully a trip out to Kelly Point Park will settle all their nerves- a sleepy puppy is a happy puppy!

#1 Moving Lesson: Let someone else do it. For $80/hr, we had someone (two youthful and energetic guys) unload our 17' truck and place the boxes in the upstairs or downstairs as directed. 2 Hours it was done and we had energy to be sweet to each other. It was totally worth it and next time I'm having them load the truck too! Your back, energy and time are worth it-plus it would have taken us way longer to do! PS: They will even pack for you too! Thanks Portland Student Movers!


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